The overall trend of the soda ash market was weak with average trading volume

Published Date: 2022-01-18 09:29:37 Views: 720

This week, the overall trend of the domestic soda ash market was in a weak state, and the trading volume was average. According to the data monitoring of Longzhong Information, the operating rate during the week was 82.54%, a decrease of 0.65% from the previous month. The output of soda ash during the week was 587,400 tons, a decrease of 0.78%. Due to fluctuations in overhauls and start-ups of individual companies, the load dropped slightly, and the overall situation was relatively stable. Soda ash inventories showed an upward trend during the week, but the growth rate narrowed to a total of 1.6089 million tons, an increase of 141,000 tons from the previous month. The inventory in mainstream regions was relatively high. It is understood that this week, the social pool fell within a narrow range, with a decrease of about 10,000 tons, with relatively small fluctuations. As far as some glass companies know, soda ash stocks are still declining, with a decline of about 4 days and maintaining at about 33 days.

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On the supply side, in the first half of the year, the overall supply was relatively stable. In the second half of the year, with the withdrawal of individual companies and maintenance plans, the operating rate showed a downward trend. In the first half of the year, market transactions improved, orders supported, individual companies’ production and sales balance or slightly decreased, and some companies had slow shipments. Recently, the price of light soda ash has shown a downward trend, with flexible adjustments, and heavy soda ash has a single negotiation or no pricing model for the time being.

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On the demand side, the downstream demand performance is not tepid, purchase on-demand, and replenish the inventory at an appropriate price. Traders have weaker shipments and focus on on-demand purchases. The current prices vary, market news continues, and decisions are difficult to make.