Glass Bottle

UPC offers a whole packaging solution of glass bottle with accessories products

Aunual Output

500,000,000 pcs


15 years


ISO9001 & ISO14001


Social Resp

Clean energy

Glass recycling

Type and Applications

UPC has experienced, skilled and professional technical and management personnel, forming a professional R&D team.

As a professional glass manufacturer and distributor with more than 15 years of experience, our annual output is approximately 5 billion pieces, serve with more than 1000 clients.

  • Materials: glass bottles, lid(plastic, metal, aluminium), cork stopper, label, colour box, aluminium can.
  • Further processing: screen printing,  frosting, gold(sliver)foil stamping,  decal, color painting.
  • Type and applications: wines, liquer, beer, food jars, beverage, cosmetics, personal care, aromatherapy, candle jar and etc.
  • Packing & Logistic: pallets shrink wrapped by PE bags, carton box with wrapped, logistic by inland transportation and oversea shipping.

Advance Technology

Production Technology

UPC will provide clients with most suitable production process based on bottle weight, customer demand and usage, either blow-blow production process or narrow neck press and blow process. Generally speaking, light-weighted bottle which is single-use adopt narrow-neck press blow process while heavier and reused bottles use blow-blow production process.

Melting, batching

The ingredients mix the raw materials according to the set ratio. The batching operation of Huaxing adopts automatic batching. After the automatic batching system weighs automatically, the batch enters the conveyor belt, and the batch and cullet are put into the furnace. After high temperature above 1500℃, it is melted, homogenized and clarified to make The required molten glass, this process is called glass melting.


Our manufacturing partner has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, FSSC22000 system certification, from raw materials inspection and delivery to customers, etc., to effectively establish a key control point identification, monitoring and improvement system for the biological, chemical and physical hazards that affect the safety and health of glass containers.

In order to ensure the quality stability of the glass bottle, we demand that the production line must take the inspection of the four steps on line, namely the scanning testing machine, the infrared inspection machine, and the two groups of QC personnel, and the interval per half hour changed to ensure that vision is not fatigue. At present, we can do less than 0.02% defective rate of Heineken beer.


Realize high-heavy fully automated packaging, automatic palletizing, automatic conveying, automatic strapping, and automatic burning.

Clean energy

The kiln uses the world’s mainstream clean energy-natural gas as the main fuel in production; Industrial wastewater is recycled after treatment to achieve “0” discharge; domestic wastewater is processed into the municipal pipe network or treated to meet the green water standard (PH: 6-9; chromaticity ≤ 30; BOD5 ≤ 20 mg/L; total large intestine Bacteria ≤ 3/L); The first domestic glass furnace flue gas denitrification treatment; Use waste heat power generation and photovoltaic power generation (under implementation) to reduce energy consumption.

Whether it is natural gas or coal gas, we adopt strict desulfurization and denitrification policies for gas from daily glass kilns, and real-time monitoring by the local government ensures that the industrial production meets the optimal environmental protection requirements.

Glass recycling

Increase the use of recycled glass and alternative raw materials year by year, practice energy saving and consumption reduction, and create a green economy.

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