The Glass Cup Will Exploded when Filling Hot Water

Published Date: 2022-03-23 15:48:08 Views: 810

The Glass Cup Will Exploded when Filling Hot Water

Believe that many people have encountered a thing, the glass cup will exploded when filling hot water, the cup body and the bottom  completely separated and make a pile of water on the table,this phenomenon is more obvious in winter. Now it’s rare to happen this situation, is it because the glass is different, or is it something else?

We all know the physical phenomenon of “expanding by heat and contracting by cold”, and glass is a kind of hard and brittle material, so when the glass expands unevenly,it is easy to crack. At this time the glass linear expansion coefficient is different, the use of the effect is completely different.

The linear expansion coefficients (20-300 ℃) of several types of glass are as follows, in units of 1/℃ :

Common glass:9.2×10^-6

Low borosilicate glass:7.0×10^-6

Medium borosilicate glass:5.0×10^-6

High borosilicate glass :3.3×10^-6

The linear coefficient of expansion is the ratio of the length of a solid to its length at the original temperature for each 1 degree increase in temperature.

It can be clearly seen from the above expansion coefficient of glass that ordinary glass is easy to break due to its large expansion coefficient when the temperature suddenly changes,

while high borosilicate glass is more difficult to break due to its small expansion coefficient.