The most luxurious and expensive natural mineral water in the world

Published Date: 2024-01-12 10:49:35 Views: 376

The world’s most luxurious and expensive Fillico, Japan’s Kobe natural mineral water

Foreign name: fillico
Type: mineral water
Origin: Kobe, Japan

Fillico retails for US$219 per bottle of 750 ml, and sales are limited to 500 bottles per month.

Low-hardness natural mineral water from the Kobe region of Japan. Fillico mineral water is specially customized by Katsura Yumi (luxury and gorgeous Japanese wedding dress). The frost flower decorative pattern on the bottle is a perfect combination of Swarovski crystals and precious metal coatings. Full of nobility, the exquisite crown-shaped bottle cap and angel wings are equipped with the corresponding bottle body, which is amazing.

Fillico’s bottle is specially customized under the authorization of Japanese wedding dress king Yumi Katsura. It is hand-inlaid with Swarovski crystals and is exquisite and moving.The glass-processed bottle body and the double-hua decorative pattern are quite visual, and the two are integrated into one. The angel wings and the crown shape of the Holy Roman Empire that match the bottle are even more unique. The entire bottle looks elegant, delicate and pleasing to the eye. It is both exquisite and noble, and has high texture. It is of great value whether for decoration or collection.