matters need attention for glass bottle

Published Date: 2022-03-23 15:33:35 Views: 852

1. The glass products are broken, burst, chipped, and scrapers will never accept it.

2. The glass products must not be deformed, uneven or skewed at the mouth and bottom.

3. Transparent glass should not be mixed with recycled materials. The product must be transparent and white without other variegated colors. The tint of colored glass should be stable, pure and uniform. Regardless of manual blowing or machine blowing, the thickness of the glass must be even, not thin on one side and thick on the other.

4. The glass frit should be melted well and uniformly, and stone (unmelted slag) and streaks should be avoided as much as possible. Defects such as bubbles.

5. There should be no bubbles above 1cm in the glassware (except for bubble effect glass), the number of bubbles below the mouth with a diameter greater than 2mm cannot exceed two or the number of bubbles with a diameter greater than 1mm cannot exceed three. And the phenomenon of bubbles gathering together is also unacceptable.

6. After the finished glass is unmolded, it should be decayed (fired) for about 8 hours, at least 6 hours, to ensure stable quality and prevent the product from automatically bursting over time. Glass bottles and cans should have a certain degree of thermal stability. When they are moved from the hot water tank to the cold water tank, the general temperature difference is below 39 degrees and should be tested without damage.

7. There should be no obvious water lines on the inside and outside of the glass. Neither the outer surface nor the inner surface are allowed to have hand-feeling lines, such as obvious wrinkles, scars, wear marks, cut marks and parting lines, etc., and the surface must not have cracks and unsatisfaction defects.

8. The mouth of the glassware should be flat and smooth, without burrs, bumps, or bumps. The inside and outside of the glass must be clean, and there must be no debris, dust, water stains, glass chips, etc. inside or outside the product. There should be no rust on the glass products, and the glass frit should not be mixed with black spots, dust and other sundries.


9. The rust on the glass products is usually caused by the rust of the clamp used to clamp the glass and the rust of the mold when the glass is faded. The rust stains on the glass can not be removed afterwards. therefore. Whether the clamps and molds are rusty, you must remove the rust before production to avoid this problem. Also need to pay attention to avoid dust when dissolving the material. Impurities, etc. fall into the material, causing the product to contain impurities after being molded.


10.  Add acid glass, be sure to avoid oil stains before adding acid, otherwise there will be uneven pickling during the process of adding acid, which will cause local shiny. After adding acid, be sure to clean the white powder remaining on the inside and outside of the glass.

11. Decal paper products, the decal paper should be flat, not skewed, no bubbles, generally air-dried for 12 hours before baking, because the decal paper will have small water droplets when soaked, and the small water droplets will appear when baking. It will break the patterned paper and cause the appearance of pinholes.

12.  The size of the product must meet the requirements, and the error must not be too large. If you want to assemble a lid or other things, you should pay more attention to whether the inner diameter of the product meets the assembly requirements.

13.  The appearance of the product is very important, but no matter what the product, the most important thing is to check whether the product’s functionality is intact.

14.  Glass is fragile. Products must be placed upright during transportation, loading and unloading. Each product must be wrapped in paper, and the products must be separated by egg trays so as not to collide with each other and cause damage. The specific packaging method depends on the product and order requirements It depends, but there is one thing. The product packaging must pay attention to safety to ensure that the export will not be broken and it will be safe enough to reach the destination.

15.  During the inspection process, carefully check whether the packaging method of the product, the label and content used, the content of the attached manual, and the inner and outer box label information are correct.