Glass bottles spanning more than a thousand years

Published Date: 2023-12-25 13:55:40 Views: 325

The Song Dynasty blue long-necked glass bottle, a Chinese national first-class cultural relic collected by Anhui Museum, is a piece of medieval Islamic glassware with unique historical, scientific and artistic value.

This blue long-necked glass bottle from the Song Dynasty was unearthed in January 1971 during archaeological excavations at the underground palace site of a Song Dynasty pagoda at Wuwei Middle School in Wuwei County, Anhui Province. A volume of the Dharani Sutra was also unearthed, as well as more than 70 pieces (sets) of various cultural relics including wooden prayer plaques from the third year of Jingyou’s reign (1036) and handwritten Buddhist scriptures from the third year of AD. Jar with black lacquer lid, bronze mirror and copper coins made in Jingyou year. Many of these cultural relics are extremely rare and precious. An important discovery of Buddhist cultural relics in Anhui.

The blue long-necked glass bottle from the Song Dynasty has a diameter of 46 mm, a bottom diameter of 75 mm, and a height of 122 mm. The style is open mouth, slender neck, flat shoulders, straight belly, and flat bottom. The body of the bottle is transparent and light blue, with some bubbles visible in the glass, and geometric patterns are engraved on the entire body.
udging from the shape and geometric pattern of the vessel, this long-necked blue glass bottle from the Song Dynasty was a popular style of Islamic glassware in the 10th century; from the production process, it was formed using a moldless blowing method, and the body of the vessel was ground and polished. Decorative geometric shapes. The pattern shows obvious characteristics of Islamic glassware making craftsmanship. Therefore, it can be speculated that this kind of glassware should have been introduced to Anhui from the Islamic region of West Asia.