Outdoor team building activities

Published Date: 2023-04-24 17:59:46 Views: 861

In order to enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the company’s employees, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, enhance the vitality of the organization, walk into nature, relax the body and mind, and enhance the spirit and ability of the organization’s overall communication and coordination.

  According to everyone’s discussion: From April 15, 2023 to April 19, 2023, the team building outdoor activities, all employees will participate, the main content of the activities:

Sichuan Chengdu Giant Panda Base

The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is a world-renowned base for giant panda ex situ protection, scientific research and breeding, public education and educational tourism.As the “Giant Panda Ex-situ Conservation Ecological Demonstration Project”, it is famous for protecting and breeding giant pandas, red pandas and other endangered wild animals unique to China


Famous ancient water conservancy project (built in 256 BC) – Dujiangyan

At the 24th session of the United Nations World Heritage Committee in 2000, due to the long history of the Dujiangyan Water Conservancy Project, its large scale, reasonable layout, scientific operation, and harmonious integration with the environment,
It has outstanding historical and scientific universal value, so Mount Qingcheng and Dujiangyan are listed as world cultural heritage.

Ecological Tour – Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve

The Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve is the core and corridor of the giant panda A population in the Minshan Mountains. It has a typical natural ecosystem and is one of the core areas of national biodiversity conservation.Rich in animal and plant resources, it has high ecological protection, scientific research and aesthetic tourism value.Jiuzhaigou is a national-level geological park with calcified lakes, beach streams, waterfall landscapes, karst water systems and forest ecosystems as the main geological relic protection objects, and has high scientific research value.

Huanglong Scenic Area

Due to the accumulation of calcified sediments in flowing water, more than 3,400 calcified colorful pools, 80,000 square meters of calcified flowing beaches, 5 karst waterfalls, and 4 karst caves have been formed in Huanglonggou. In Huanglonggou, which is 3.5 kilometers long and 1-2 kilometers wide, it faces Yucui Mountain and is surrounded by dense virgin forests, calcified emerald pools and golden sandy beaches, just like a giant yellow dragon lying prone in a dense forest.The water in the pool is clear and transparent, showing colorful colors under the sunlight. Walking in the world is like being in a painting, known as “the fairyland on earth”.