Are you faced with glass bottles being crushed during filling or capping

Published Date: 2023-03-24 14:55:21 Views: 691

Are you faced with glass bottles being crushed during filling or capping?

Have the filled glass bottles been damaged during stacking or transportation?

The above situation may be caused by the unqualified vertical load of the glass bottle. We have mature solutions and dedicated precision testing instruments. Guarantee product quality.

There are many reasons for glass bottle breakage, which may be caused by various factors such as material, production process, size, and transportation.But one of them cannot be ignored, and that is the vertical load capacity of glass bottles.

In the production of beer beverages, the capping process is actually a great test of the pressure resistance of glass bottles. The breakage of many glass bottles is actually in this process,or the strength of the glass bottle is impacted in this process, so that it is damaged in the later storage or stacking process.

For enterprises using glass bottles, the vertical load-bearing of glass bottles directly affects the breakage rate of products.For example, the “Beer Bottle” (GB 4544-2020) standard stipulates that the vertical load strength of disposable bottles should be > 4000N,and the vertical load strength of recyclable bottles should be > 9800N.

As glass bottle manufacturers, In order to meet the standard requirements, we use professional testing equipment to control product quality and ensure that glass bottles meet the requirements of end customers.