Glass bottle factory coating processing introduction

Published Date: 2023-01-04 14:45:32 Views: 700

The applications of optical functional films for glass bottle manufacturers include antireflection films, high reflection films and selective absorption reflection films, etc., and their application fields include displays,camera photography, glasses, lighting tools, laser systems for optical devices, copiers, police and anti-counterfeiting , construction of factories,automobiles, optoelectronics,home appliances, pharmaceutical packaging, etc.

Glass coating process Glass coating has the following processes:

1. Glass coating is to coat one or more layers of metal film or metal compound on the glass surface to change the optical properties of glass;

2. Glass coating methods are divided into four categories: chemical deposition method, thermal evaporation, mechanical (including spraying and dipping method) and the current relatively advanced magnetron-based spraying. The principles and equipment of these technologies are different and cannot be interchanged;

3. The production method of coated glass is to plate gold, silver, copper, aluminum, nickel, iron-tin and other metals,metal oxides or non-metal oxides on the glass surface. Thin film: or use electric floatation method or plasma method, such as forming a solar control coating with deep metal ions on the glass surface to replace the original ions on the glass surface;

4. Cleaning before painting The pollutants cleaned before painting are mainly oil stains , fingerprints, dust, etc.