Have you ever seen mold on glass? What is the cause of mold on glass?

Published Date: 2022-07-12 10:35:27 Views: 732

Have you ever seen mold on glass? What is the cause of mold on glass?

      Does the glass get moldy? Yes, you heard that right, glass can get moldy too.

   With the promotion of low-carbon energy saving and the continuous promotion of the application of green building materials,building energy-saving building materials and energy-saving glass are more and more used.Sound insulation, environmental protection and energy saving, and the relatively low cost of construction,there are more and more application scenarios, but the increase in the use surface will also lead to some problems.Among them, there is a situation such as mold on the insulating glass. Appear.


Under normal circumstances, water or water vapor is adsorbed on the glass surface, and the soluble silicate in the glass surface will be hydrolyzed within a certain period of time to form caustic soda.


   The caustic soda separates out the silica, which in some cases forms a silica gel. Caustic soda will form sodium carbonate with silica in the air.Under this condition for a long time, the alkaline liquid will corrode the glass surface, thereby forming corrosion mottled spots. In this case,sodium ions will It is separated out in the glass and in this case reacts with air to form a white group of alkali-rich ions.