Market Trend of Glass Wine Bottle Industry in 2022

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2022  liquor glass bottles industry trend and industry development trend analysis market

          Glass liquor  bottles are a very special product. Developed countries in foreign countries, because of their high production costs, also need a lot of natural mineral resources, have strict environmental requirements, and the product price is not high, so they often choose to use currency to buy from developing countries. Some slightly backward countries do not necessarily have large-scale production capacity, so many domestic glass bottle product manufacturers and trading companies are doing well in business. A certain foundation has been laid.


      According to the analysis of the “2022-2027 China Glass Wine Bottle Industry Market In-depth Research and Investment Strategy Forecast Report” by the China Research Institute

For a long period of time, due to the domestic and foreign glass wine bottles, the glass wine bottle sales market has been booming. In just a few years, due to the recent European debt crisis, the US economy has shrunk and the global economy In many industries, economic exports have brought a great impact. It is estimated that our country will also begin to introduce policies to encourage enterprises to open more export channels for their products and reduce corporate taxes. In this environment, many domestic glass wine bottle manufacturers There has been a slow adjustment of product structure, and production and sales cannot be coordinated in a timely manner. Over time, it will result in a backlog of products, which will have many adverse effects on enterprises.

    China is a country with a large population. The huge population base provides the driving force for residents’ consumption. Political and economic factors also affect the demand for liquor to varying degrees. The liquor industry has continued to grow steadily in the past 20 years. We will analyze the factors affecting the market size of the liquor industry from both the demand side and the supply side.

    The demand side is mainly affected by factors such as consumption upgrade, per capita disposable income, birth rate, and population age structure. The supply side is mainly affected by factors such as consumption upgrade, policy influence and supply concentration.

Market Trend of Glass Wine Bottle Industry

    First of all, the development trend of small packaging, the future small packaging capacity of wine bottles will be the development trend of the packaging market. Secondly, the high-end trend of wine bottle packaging, more and more high-end wines appear, this is definitely a trend. Finally, bottle packaging will be personalized, and product design will be more and more important.

    Beer and beverage manufacturers ahead of the same industry have begun to use printed glass bottles, lightweight or disposable glass bottles as the first choice for product packaging. Compared with new wine in old bottles, new wine in new bottles has increased production costs. But it is of great benefit to the improvement of product grades.

      China’s glass bottle packaging market has already launched printed glass beer bottles and printed glass beverage bottles, and printed white wine bottles and printed wine bottles have gradually become a trend. This new product, which prints exquisite patterns and trademarks on the surface of glass bottles, has been adopted by many beer and beverage manufacturers.

     China’s economy will continue to grow in the next five years, and per capita consumption capacity and disposable income will steadily increase, so residents have a consumption base for liquor. Although affected by the epidemic in 2020, gatherings and other activities have been greatly reduced, and the consumption of liquor by residents has been greatly reduced. However, with the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, various industries have begun to gradually recover, and the liquor industry has not been subject to major fluctuations for the time being. Since the beginning of March 2021, various sectors of the liquor industry and the secondary market have begun to recover.