Soda Ash Market and Glass Market

Published Date: 2022-03-23 14:42:19 Views: 38

Over the weekend, the production and sales of the domestic float glass market were flat. Some manufacturers in the North China market lowered their prices over the weekend, and it is expected that the market will continue to be weak today; the Central China market is in general production and sales, and prices are mainly stable; the white glass in South China is stable, and the prices of individual manufacturers may increase for ultra-white glass; In the short term, domestic market prices are still tending to be weak and finishing.

During the weekend, the overall trend of the domestic soda ash market did not change much, and the prices of individual companies increased. The soda ash construction is relatively stable, and there is no new maintenance plan for the time being. Hubei Shuanghuan plans to maintain it next month. The performance of downstream demand is average, the market sentiment is flat, the enthusiasm for purchasing has slowed down, and the market is wait-and-see. UPC predicts that the soda ash market will be stable and small this week, and the end of the month will be in the stage of order negotiation.