Domestic float glass spot market price and overall trend of soda ash market

Published Date: 2022-03-23 14:29:15 Views: 46

     The overall trend of the domestic soda ash market is stable. At the beginning of the month, companies adjusted one after another, and some companies have not yet offered quotations. In the near future, the overall shipment is acceptable, and the shipments of individual companies are average at the beginning of the month. Downstream demand is tepid, and procurement is relatively cautious, mainly on-demand procurement, and maintaining normal inventory. It is expected that the short-term soda ash market will continue to be stable.

The domestic float glass spot market price fell in a narrow range. It is expected that some companies in North China will lower their prices in some foreign markets today, and the overall market is still weak; in Central China, original film companies are mainly maintaining stability, and production and sales are weak; companies in South China are weak in production and sales, and maintain stability; However, manufacturers have a strong price-preserving attitude, and UPC expects that the domestic spot market price will continue to show a downward trend in the short term.